Rally Reference & Forms


General Instructions

General instructions are the rules by which rallies are conducted. They describe the regulations, policies and procedures used in the event and will also define special terminology and abbreviations used. General instructions vary from region to region, club to club and event to event. You should always familiarize yourself with the General Instructions before an event even if you are a seasoned veteran or have run the event before.

  • Northwest Rally Council General Instructions can be found at their website here. Used by most NWRC events including the monthly Friday Nighters.

Novice Overviews

This information is geared for those new to rallying or for those unfamiliar with regional or ORCA customs and practices.


Other Information

  • Guidelines for Rallymasters.  The purpose of this document is to provide an understanding of the NWRC’s philosophy when writing a rally.  Everything in the document is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.