What is a TSD Rally

For a Time/Speed/Distance rally all you need is any street legal vehicle, a team of a driver and navigator, a pen, some paper and an accurate watch (showing seconds).

The name of the game is to follow a predetermined course, find checkpoints, and arrive on time.  Every second late OR early is a point against you–the team with the lowest score wins.

Speeds are at or below posted limits and the legal rules of the road are paramount as we still share the roads with everyone else.  In the event that a competitor becomes excessively late, there are mechanisms in place for such a contingency–speeding to regain lost time isn’t necessary, let alone legal.

Typical entry classes are Novice, SOP (Seat Of the Pants or pencil and paper only), Masters (experienced SOPer’s) and Unlimited (computer freaks).  A built-in or after-market GPS navagation unit is allowed in some rallies in all classes.

A good way to try TSD rallying is to attend the monthly Friday Nighter series put on by the various North West Rally Council clubs.  Registration for these events open at 6:45PM the second Friday of the month at Eastgate Park and Ride.  They last about two hours and finish at a pizza restaurant.

It’s all great fun.  Hope to see you there!